Awaken Love Retreat in Stockholm

Welcome to this heart-opening retreat, a sacred space where we embark on a journey to awaken the love that resides within each and every one of us. 

Awaken Love Retreat

Underneath the layers and complexity of our psyche we will go deeper to make the unconscious conscious. 

We will hold ourselves with loving tenderness and vulnerability as we explore our inner world to uncover our hidden gifts, and release what no longer serves us.

In this loving and safe atmosphere, we find deep nourishment for the love that seeks to bloom in and through us.

You will experience the beauty of different healing modalities and  be guided gently through your own unique healing journey with the following tools: 

  • Transformational Breathe & Release breathwork
  • Cacao Ceremony with carefully selected ceremonial cacao
  • Kirtan/devotional singing circle
  • Transformational Dance Ceremony
  • Deeply healing, relaxing, activating and re-wiring Sound baths  
  • Meditations & Healing energy transmissions
  • Shamanic Journeys
  • Gentle Yoga/Energetic movement in the mornings
  • Sharing circles

During the retreat, you will also have the opportunity to explore the harmony of the Masculine and Feminine qualities within yourself. You may open up for loving healing within your body as these polarities may be balanced. It is all about equanimity, even in our physical brains.

Everyone has primal suppressed emotions – usually shame, anger, fear or sadness. Our body and mind want to keep us safe, no matter what. So when we begin to lovingly invite suppressed emotions, we usually face inner protection layers and other resistances, made in order to avoid the emerging emotions.

In this space you will be supported to open up, and be safely guided to go as deep as you are ready to, opening the doorways of your inner realms to uncover the hidden, innate beauty within you.

Come and meet your soul family and be lovingly surprised how organic, easy, fun and joyful it is to be together. We intend for you to feel so loved and held in the midst of the separation. Allow yourself to be seen and return home within your heart. Simple and beautiful.

The retreat will be held at magical Hometree, Österbybruk. The space is in a cozy big cabin just beside a beautiful forest with a fireplace where you can take walks and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature.

We have a wonderful offer for the first 5 participants!! Only 3990SEK 

After first 5 people, price is 4500SEK 

Prices are all inclusive – meals, accommodation and the program. 

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When the four of us (the facilitators) met, we immediately found a resonance around our love for the Divine, and our commitment to the awakening of humanity. 

We noticed that we had similar views and that our ways of working closely integrated with each other. So immediately we were guided to facilitate some healing processes together, inviting others to share this loving circle with us. 

We come together from different parts of life with a multitude of experiences. We hope that this opportunity will bring about an integrated transformation that echoes into your daily life, bringing about a new way of seeing reality and a lasting state of inner harmony. 

About us:

Lucas Meijer (Bearfoot)

Lucas, with a profound connection to the spirit realm throughout his life, has embarked on a transformative journey of transmuting shadows into light and converting suffering into love-filled joy. 

He is dedicated to assisting you in safely exploring the suppressed aspects of yourself. Drawing from his extensive experience in shamanic practices, yogic techniques, and an in-depth exploration of the spiritual realms, Lucas guides you towards discovering the hidden beauty within you in a joyful and uplifting manner.

Nila Kiya

Nila, who walks the path of the heart, considers herself an eternal student of yoga, constantly deepening her understanding of life, self, and others.

After experiencing periods of depression, anxiety, and feeling lost, she has embraced the path of dharma for several years. Through silent meditation and unwavering devotion (Bhakti) to love, she listens to the whispers of her heart, dedicating her life to its service.


I help you to create an epically aligned life with your soul and your highest potential. In that process we heal and love all human aspects of ourselves that feel pain/suffering.

Connect with me with who you truly are – an infinite beautiful being in human form. Love within me sees the love within you.

I stand for innocent natural love. My passion is to guide you back into your own heartspace.

I am as you are too, formless in form. For me this has been intuitive ever since I was a child. I learned to lean on my inner guidance & guides when I had several out of body experiences due the traumatic events in my childhood.

I have been leading retreats, workshops, online programs, 1-1 healing/coaching/mentoring sessions in Finland for years now. I am a sound healer, Yoga teacher, Life Transformed Coach, Waldorf pedagogy as well as Kindergarten teacher. 

People describe working with me safe and they always say that they feel like coming back home within themselves. They feel deeply seen and heard. At the same time, their lives are forever changed into better versions of themselves where they feel free.

You can read more about Mika’s and Katri’s work from their website: