Breathe&Release Breathwork in The Hague:

Breathe & Release breathwork session at

Khagaya Yoga 3.8. 18.30-21.00.

Address: Khagaya Centrum voor Yoga

Ary Schefferstaat 20

2597VV The Hague

We are so happy and excited to create this event with all of you who feel called to join. 

Come and be authentic with yourself by offering conscious transformational breath for your sweet body. 

Breathing can be deeply healing. It can offer you a gateway to release supressed emotions that you have not been able to release or even not seen ever before. 

Breathwork is a beautiful gift for yourself. It is deeply healing in so many ways and levels for you as a human being.

Conscious breathing is the healthiest practice that is available for us all naturally. We just take it for granted. You will get to experience how incredible it is. It really took us by a surprise, when we first did it years ago. And we already both had been in Yogic paths over 15years.

We will safely guide you into transformational breathwork. You will feel renewed, more awake, empowered, loving and more as yourself after Breathe&Release breathwork with us. 

You can access your subconscious and unconscious in a way that is difficult to get in touch with otherwise. 


We will introduce the Breathe&Release breathing technique so that everyone feels safe with it.

We will open up the space for healing, inner journey and open up to our intention for the breathing session.

We will guide you gently into breathing accompanied with music that helps you to access your subconscious and relax your body.

During the Breathe&Release breathwork we will be next to you and intuitively guide you deeper and hold space for you. We most likely will play our shamanic drums and rattles as well during the session if needed.

After breathing there will be relaxation and integration time.

Closing meditation.

Open space for sharing.


You might want to take your own yoga mat, blanket and pillow with you. Kristel has some mats but it is nicer to have own one.

Comfortable clothing and perhaps extra shirt if you sweat and want to get changed afterwards.

Own water bottle.

35€ Cash to pay the event unless you want to pay online with your card. In this case, let us know before hand.

Book you place:

Address: Khayaga Yoga, Ary Scheffersraat 20, The Hague.

Only for 9 participants so it will be very intimate and personal session.

 Come and join us and be surprised in the most incredible ways.


Pranayama and breathwork belongs to our daily life like eating food. It is giving lifeforce energy to our bodies. 

We have been facilitating for years breathwork in Finland and we are also providing breathwork training.  

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