Just pure magic and incredible beyond mind, right! 

We are so meant to be on these sacred sites during these cosmic portals. 


We have always known this and now, it is finally time to put our hearts desire into action. You know if you are meant to be there with us – Calling all aspects of yourself back home. A beautiful pilgrimage in to your own heart in Egypt.


There are no words to describe the multidimensional experiences at the soul level, each individual is going to go through. This sacred journey will also be happening on a deeply metaphysical level too and will be deeply healing.


We will most dedicatedly take a loving consideration of you as a whole human being and where you are at in your awakening and ascension process. 


You can feel it within your own heart and body vibration if this is meant to be for you. 


Has Egypt been calling you? 


Would you like to connect with hidden aspects of yourself that are only waiting to be seen, parts of yourself that may be trapped in the timeline while Egypt was alive? 


Would you like to invoke deeper aspects of yourself into this lifetime?


Do you feel that taking your physical body to Egypt is crucial for you on your awakening journey? 


Would you like to experience sound healing in the King’s chamber and so much more? 


Would you like to receive sacred experiences and open up to memories you have forgotten? 


Are you ready to activate and remember information that you are meant to be showing to the world through you, as you are a very unique masterpiece? 


Are you willing to open up your light body and fuse it with your physical body structure as never before?


Are you ready to remember deeply, why you are here on Planet Earth at this time and allow Egypt to do its magic on you naturally as it is only waiting there for you to bring your physical body with us? 


Can you feel how profound it is actually for you to be there with us, to bring your energetic key codes as a whole in service to all, to return back home to yourself? 


We are all code keepers and it is now time to activate these codes and access the light codes deeply within. 


This whole journey is all about calling yourself from the different timelines into this moment in harmony, peace and love. EQUANIMITY. Coming home within your own heart. 


When you take your physical body into sacred sites, you will receive gifts beyond measure from your soul and spirit. We will be united as one. And we are all one and beyond. 


We have always felt that we will be taking people on pilgrimages to different locations and Egypt has been calling us for a while. 


Egypt is a powerful energetic standpoint at this time on the planet, and we are honored to organize a journey there with a very trustworthy company called Light Journeys. 


We truly are so happy we found this loving hearted man, who will take really good care of you without a shadow of doubt. 


You can follow Light Journeys on Facebook and highly recommend you to do so, to connect with our guide. You can also find them on YouTube.


Sayed is a keeper of Giza pyramids. He was born by the pyramids and his family has a long history working there. He feels that it is his soul’s purpose to open opportunities to visit there with spiritual gender. 


He can also provide us private visits in pyramids, if our group chooses so with an additional fee.

How does the journey look like with Golden Light Journey and with us:

 11 days (9 day tour) November 2024.

Journey will be an all inclusive and the price including: 

  • Accommodation 
  • All Travel Arrangements within Egypt (flights also) 
  • Food and Beverages 
  • Private Guide 
  • Airport pick-up / drop-off in a private car (everyone will be picked up, no matter what time you land in Cairo, but before booking your flight, please connect with us with the times as we try and arrange as many people as possible arriving around the same time). 
  • Program and facilitation within the whole journey by three of us. 
  • We will host sound healings and healing sessions as guided by intuition during the journey for the whole group
  • Yoga sessions when needed to uplevel vibrations in the body and for integration
  • There will be different kind of guided meditations by all of us everyday to keep mind and body in balance & harmony as well as making it possible to access higher levels of consciousness 
  • Metaphysical work in the sites and this will always be a mystery, what is waiting for us but you will be in very good care nothing to worry, only to expand higher aspects of yourself 
  • We will provide you with all the information you will need before and during your journey. When you say yes to this journey, you will be in a good care and can ask any questions from us at any time
  • There will be at least one gathering with a group on Zoom before our journey including powerful meditation to prepare us as a group
  • We will provide and host a Telegram group where everyone can get together before a journey and also connect if wanting to travel together over to Egypt
  • We will be interviewing everyone joining in the journey as it is so important to us to get to know you and you get to know us, so we can make the most of the journey in a highest good of all.

You will need to book your own flights to Egypt. 

Additional Fee 2200$ will be shared with all the participants to cover our private entry to Great Pyramid and Sphinx, where we can have a beautiful ceremonies and meditations just with our group.

Travel inquiry: we will provide more detailed inquiry for those who will join us. 

Giza (3 days) Hotel and Meals, Private Travel and Guide

Giza Complex – Three Pyramids and the Sphinx

Saqqara – Step Pyramid and Temples, Serapeum

Dashur – Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramid

Egyptian Museum

Aswan (3 days) Flight from Cairo to Aswan

Private Accomodation Cruise on River Nile

Philae Island – Temple of Isis

Kom Ombo -Temple of Horus / Sobek

Edfu Temple – Temple of Horus

Luxor (3 Days) Hotel and Meals

Private Travel and Guide

Karnak Temple. 

Luxor Temple.

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

Valley of the Kings (3 Tombs) 

Dendera Temple. 

Abydos Temple.


We truly cannot believe that we are putting this journey with only a price ticket of 3900$!!! This price is only this time and up till July 31 2024. 


After that prize will go up to 4700$ and that is actually more close to its real price. 


We all want to make this possible for you to purchase this year. 


When you say yes, I am in, your down payment will be the whole cost or minimum 500$ to book your place. By the end of October your whole payment needs to be in. 


Glastonbury 2022

We will provide our guidance and facilitation to meet everyone’s needs from a perspective of love. 

Mika, Bruce and Katri are opening light portals together wherever they go. They have been to Glastonbury together, Avalon and they immediately felt a connection there how they are meant to work together in sacred sites all over the world, but as we know the world’s situation has put their plans on hold for a while….  

They are a beautiful combination of light warriors that you will feel completely safe with. Safety and meeting heart to heart is all of their deepest intentions. Beyond this lifetime they have worked together and decided it is time now to bring their gifts together in service for all.


Bruce was born in Zimbabwe where he  lived with his family until he was 21, when he moved to London.

Bruce has been spiritual from a young age and would regularly attend spiritual events with his parents. His service to others as a spiritual healer began ten years ago, and Bruce would provide healing in his local spiritual churches.

Traveling has allowed Bruce to visit and share space at sacred sites around the world including Egypt, Peru and of course Glastonbury and Avebury in the UK.

Currently Bruce is a Crystal Skull Guardian and gets to help the Crystal Skulls find their Keepers, wherever they are needed on our beautiful Gaia.


Mika Kunnasvaara and Katri Levonen live in Finland. They have been hosting transformational retreats together for 4 years. Their speciality is a unique Silent retreat setting; they have customized themselves to assist awakening, integration of mind, soul and body and healing from any trauma of this lifetime and beyond. 

They have hosted hundreds of sound healing sessions and events with a very special and unique collection of instruments. Their sound healing is truly out of this world and purely energetic coding including most of the times, also light language from higher realms that serves the whole group as well as each individual. They both transmit sound healing frequencies with their own voices. Mika is also a talented overtone singer.  

They provide breathwork teacher training in Finland as well as breathwork sessions for groups and individuals. Both are Waldorf pedagogies and have worked years as a class teacher and a kindergarten teacher in Finland. Both have been in a yogic path over 20 years and their way of being in a mat is raw and authentic as well as deeply listening to individuals. You will find their presence deeply healing and soothing. 

Mika and Katri have devoted their life purely in service to love and awakening humanity from its deep sleep. Both have been awake since a child with emphatic and highly sensitive skills. Their journeys as humans include a lot of aspects so you will feel very loved in their presence. Their work with people is always deeply experiential and meeting each one’s needs. That is most likely a skill they naturally carry within being teachers for children. Their way of being is very holistic. 

They have traveled together to sacred sites in Finland, Avalon 3 times together, India, Sweden, Southern France and Hawaii. Katri has been leading a group to Avalon 5 years ago and she has been part of international group in Israel, Bimini, Hawaii and Sedona. 

Your heartspace is your truth. You are opening up into soulful space through the portal of your heart, where all wisdom, love, guidance, and naturally being you reside. Connect with us with who you truly are – an infinite beautiful being in human form. Love within us sees the love within you.

We stand for innocent natural love. Our passion is to guide you back into your own heartspace.

Awakening to your true nature is organic and natural. Most of the time it is very fine energetic shifts within your consciousness and that reshapes your body & life.

Read more about Katri in English: