We are deeply honored to facilitate a cosmic soundhealing event again in Netherlands on our way back to Finland.

We truly cannot wait to meet you, all new friends and create together phenomenal moment together. We can already feel the magic as we are coming together. We had such a wonderful event in July and if you missed it then, this is your second chance!

Why to come and meet us? 

Our soundhealing is truly unique and something you need to experience yourself as no words will not be able to reach or describe all the profound shifts people experience during our soundhealing.

Our cosmic soundhealing events are always intuitively co-created with individuals and with the whole group in the moment, sensitively listening the energies what needs to be addressed with sounds. You will receive perfect portion of love and so much light what is needed right now on human level.

Soundhealing itself is always a miracle, art and beyond mind. We really cannot put it into words, it is only to be experienced. Everyone also has very different experience depending what needs to be healed, seen and loved in their body-mind system. 

Soundhealing is deeply somatic healing as well as emotional cleanse and it is clearing up your mind. You will effortlessly deeply relax and open up higher consciousness just by relaxing on your yoga mat with sounds.

Our work is very down to earth as well as cosmic and touching absolute level. People always describe they feel like they are reborn and deeply connected with themselves after receiving soundhealing from us. Our cosmic soundhealing truly is considering all aspects of yourself as human and divine being. 

Cosmic asoundhealing


Friday 4.8. at 6.30pm – 9.00pm.

Yuwa Studio

Kortestede 2-c
2543 VK Den Haag (Zuidwest)

Check their website: https://www.yuwa.nl

Ticket is 35€.

You can book your place and pay by cash at the event by sending an e-mail: katri.truebeing@gmail.com

Or you can book your place by paying safely online: https://holvi.com/shop/Truebeing/product/b43756921b684ff8d1aa911e2d15c59e/


What is happening during cosmic soundhealing event? 

☀️ We all gather and settle down on our yoga mats. We feel and turn attention into our bodies and into our hearts what needs to be seen&heard.

You can tun in with your intuition, listen and set an intention for yourself. We will do an easy conscious breathwork all together to prepare ourselves for cosmic soundhealing journey. 

☀️ You may completely relax, enjoy and receive soundhealing vibrations laying down on your mat. Letting go of everything. 

☀️ We will have a beautiful meditation after soundhealing to integrade all the energies and feel whatever is present at the moment for you. Moment of stillness and silence. 

☀️ Open space for sharing. 

We hope to see our old and new friends in Haag

Katri ❤️ Mika 

About us:

We are Mika Kunnasvaara and Katri Levonen from Finland. We have been hosting transformational retreats together for 5 years. 

Our speciality is a unique Silent retreat setting, that we have customized/created ourselves to assist awakening, integration of mind, soul and body and healing from any trauma of this lifetime and beyond.

We have hosted hundreds of sound healing sessions and events as well as individual healing sessions with a very special and unique collection of instruments.

Our sound healing is truly out of this world and purely energetic coding, including most of the times also sound healing frequencies with our own voices as well. Mika is also a talented overtone singer. 

You can read more about us: https://www.truebeing.fi/meet-us-true-being-innocent-natural-love/

I warmly recommend their beautifully healing work

I have experienced sound healing by various practitioners around the world, but nothing like Mika’s and Katri’s. It was nothing short of extraordinary.

It was truly a shamanic journey through a vast scope of emotions leading to a deep connection to the angelic realm.

The love, the consciousness, the knowledge, wisdom and the healing light Katri and Mika radiate envelop the room, making it a very safe place to go deep within and touch our core.

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S., astrologer, shaman, international conference speaker, author of the best selling book Astrology for Enlightenment 
Simon & Schuster, NY