We have gathered here some information in English about us. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like us to visit you in your country and co-create events or retreats!

Email us: katri.truebeing@gmail.com

We stand for innocent natural love. 

Our passion is to guide you back into your own heartspace.

Awakening to your true nature is organic and natural. 

Most of the time it is very fine energetic shifts within your consciousness and that reshapes your body & life.

Your heartspace is your truth. Your heart is the portal into your soulful space, where all wisdom, love, guidance, and naturally being you reside. Connect with us with who you truly are – an infinite beautiful being in human form and innocent natural love. 

Love within us sees the love within you.

Innocent natural love

A little bit about our work together 

We live in Finland and we have been hosting transformational retreats together for 4 years. Our speciality is a unique Silent retreat setting. We both love silent retreats and we felt that there’s often missing a holistic way of being as a human. 

We felt that people also need healing aspects in silent retreats not just only one pointed meditation practices. We decided to create something very beautiful. It is all about assisting awakening, integration of mind, soul and body. Healing from any trauma of this lifetime and beyond. 

You can read here more: https://www.truebeing.fi/silent-retreat-in-finland-kadermo/

We have noticed over the years that soundhealing is a beautiful way to guide people into innocent natural love effortlessly. We have hosted hundreds of soundhealing sessions and events with a very special and unique collection of instruments. Our sound healing is truly out of this world, that’s what people say to us. It is purely energetic coding, including most of the times also soundhealing frequencies with our own voices. Mika is also a talented overtone singer.  


We provide breathwork teacher training in Finland as well as breathwork sessions for groups and individuals. We both are Waldorf pedagogies and have worked years as a class teacher and a kindergarten teacher in Finland. We both have been in a yogic path over 20 years. Our way of being in a mat is deeply authentic and carefully listening to individuals needs. People find our presence deeply healing and soothing. 

We facilitate deeply somatic healing sessions together and separately, combining transformational conscious healing with energetic healing and sounhealing. It is truly aligning yourself with your true beingness, allowing all resistance to melt away what is holding you back. Resistance to what is, is the only thing that is causing suffering. 

We always consider you as a whole human being, listening intuitively what is needed during the healing session. We also provide healing sessions through Zoom around the world. Contact us: katri.truebeing@gmail.com 

Somatic healing

We love traveling together to sacred sites. We very much feel we have an important role as opening light portals. We have been to sacred sites in Finland, Avalon 3 times, India, Sweden, Southern France and Hawaii. Katri has been leading a group to Avalon 5 years ago. She has been part of international group in Israel, Bimini, Hawaii and Sedona. 

Our next journey is to Egypt in November 2023 and you are invited!! 



Sacred journeys