Silent Retreat in Nikkilä Temple 9.-12.2.23

What arises within when you quiet yourself from speaking?

When you dedicate a whole weekend for your own healing, self-inquiry, meditation, yoga, energetic body movement, breathwork, sound healing and most of all absolutely unique and beautiful Finnish nature in Nikkilä Temple. 

Silence is such a beautiful, bright mirror that reflects back to you all of you, every little detail. Silence is the most beautiful gift to embrace what you have not yet seen about yourself. You learn to know yourself deeper than ever before. 

We absolutely love opening silent loving space for souls, who are seeking a way back home within their hearts and want to shine their divine gifts. We combine mystical, mysterious healing with non-dual teachings and meditation without forgetting humanness. We help you to release suffering, painful thinking, looking for answers outside of yourself… 

At the core of suffering there’s some kind of misperception of reality and separated self from life itself. This creates a constant feeling of lack, restlessness and stress. Driving force when feeling lack is to find fulfillment from outside of yourself. Now it is time to turn your gaze 180 degrees within. 

We welcome everything and no longer resist anything. We allow all suppressions to come into surface in moment to moment experience as we dive deeper in silence like a gentle embrace within our own hearts. In there you will find a newfound peace, freedom and love towards yourself and the world outside of you.  

We practice how not to identify with our emotions, thoughts, feelings, sensations -but we allow them all be as they are without pressing anything down. We don’t want to create new programs into our bodies. We open up more and more to our sensitiveness. When you wake up from the dream you have created and sustained yourself through human history. We will explore the new Earth together selflessly. New Earth that is vibrating in every cell of our body. 

We will embrace you with love. We will lovingly open up awareness to realizations that will free us. Self-inquiry that truly heals you without causing conflicts within, between humanness and absolute truths. We are very cautious of this and understand the process of embodiment as well as respect everyone’s path as a beautiful unique expression of Divine.

Our retreats are deeply mystical as well as very grounding. We will offer many opportunities for deep healing sessions especially through sound transmissions. We will bring so many healing instruments with us – Gongs, Crystal bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, native flutes, chimes, shamanic drums, crystal harp and pyramids, crystal didgeridoo and most of all our own voices.

We will be facilitating breathwork sessions that allow you to let go of all stagnant energies in the mind-body complex. It may take you into a very deep journey. We will always listen to the group’s needs and gently guide you into transformation.

Morning Yoga sessions will be so much love to your sweet body and deep self discovery as well as opening up in a new way.

You will enjoy vegetarian meals 3 times a day. You may walk and just purely enjoy the Nikkilä’s nature around. We will have a heated sauna every evening and you may dip in the lake.

Open up for your freedom with us and realize deep within who you truly are and hold yourself in love. We have been facilitating silent retreats for 3 years now together and have combined holistic ways of facilitating a retreat.

People have experienced deep home coming into their hearts, empowerment, healing their traumas, cleansing mind-body complex, embodiment of who they are, new experience of their body through transformational Yoga and refreshment for their meditations as well as opening up in a whole new way.

So many miracles and magic is available, no limits of opening up as awareness. This is a possibility for yourself to know yourself deeper on the island of love. When loving people gather together in the name of seeking truth, truly we can be so much more together.

We would love to see you joining us in the darkest times of the year here in Finland as it offers you a cozy way to travel within silence. Silence where you make a commitment not to speak, use mobile phone or any other mental activities like reading etc. 

Retreat prize covers all the meals, accommodation and program, 655€.

Please get in touch with us about how to reach the retreat place. We can organize lifts. 

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Looking forward seeing you and joyfully embracing, 

Katri and Mika